4 thoughts on “My iphone shot from the Adorama photo contest”

  1. Great tutorial. I have been psioesrcng my raw files in LR for about 2 years and enjoying seeing how another photographer approaches their raw psioesrcng. I find LR is one of my must-have tools when wanting to present my best work. One quick idea for you: I noticed a couple of times in the video where you adjusted the vibrance and mentioned how the blues in the sky are particularly affected as well as the green of the grass going nuclear’ if over done. One idea is to adjust the vibrancy for an overall pleasing effect and if there is one color too over-baked, you can then go into the Hue/Saturation/Luminance module and adjust each color individually to fit more into the scene the way which pleases you. I often back off the luminance and gives the sky a little more of a believable shade of blue.Thanks again!

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