it’s not about the camera (redux)

We’ve all heard “it’s not about the camera, blah blah blah” but here’s a great illustration of that:

Chase Jarvis recently had a contest to win his old iphone 3g – all you had to do was submit a picture taken with a mobile.  (I didn’t because I already have and iPhone, and wouldn’t want to take it away from someone else!) Anyway, he recently posted the winner along with a gallery of favorites.


There’s some absolutely amazing stuff in there – all shot with mobiles.  Damn impressive.  So next time you hear someone complaining that they can’t make good pictures because they need X piece of gear or Y isn’t good enough show them this…

(and before I get absolutely flamed – of couse the camera “matters”, some cameras are better suited for some things than others etc… but the point is that you can make photographic art with anything from a box with a pinhole and scrap of film to a D3x to a cellphone.  So go out there and do it!)

3 thoughts on “it’s not about the camera (redux)”

  1. Agreed. Wait what!??!?!?! Did I the voice of opposition just say that. I think we rarely get all we can out of the camera. I don’t frequently do it, but on occasion I’ve done it, and felt limited. I think it’s not a good thing to constantly buy new equipment. I only buy when one of my two DSLR break down and I like that. Sometimes it’s years before I buy a new camera.

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