3 thoughts on “secret confession #2”

  1. For me it’s speed and sharpness, I don’t care about weight or size (not that bad in the rangefinder world)


  2. Yeap, what that guy (Martin) said. Weight or size are not a factor (within reason). I’m a Pentax shooter and for me the Limiteds show how lens should be made: fast, sharp, nicely constructed and small. I’ve been reading your blog, and quite a few previous entries and I’m amazed at how few people comment your posts. Either no one wants to comment or you don’t get the credit you deserve (this is assuming the number of comments ir proportional to the number of visitors..).

  3. Thanks pedrojoper!

    I agree with you on the limiteds – I’d go out on a limb and say they were my favorite lenses ever – fantastic in every way. rangefinder glass is great too, because you can have all 3 (size, speed, quality). you guys don’t know how lucky you have it 🙂

    Course when it comes to CaNikon stuff… sheesh… try carrying around a 1D series or a D3 with the big glass all day… ouch. My thought is that most modern lenses are “good enough” in terms of quality – I am not much of a pixel peeper, I just care about how it looks in the final print. I have a wonderful shot on my wall at 13″x19″ from the Pentax DA 50-200 (original one) which by all accounts was a pretty crappy lens, right next to some stuff taken with L-glass, and I’d challenge anyone to tell me which was which. I liked the 50-200 over the better zooms because it was so tiny for that range. My attitude is that if the lens is so big that I’m not going to have it on me it doesn’t matter how good it is 🙂

    FWIW, for quite a while my go-to kit was the k100 body, 21LTD and DA50-200. 🙂

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