dont be that guy: a PSA

Ok, a bit of a rant.

I just had a 2nd shoot with a very nice young lady who originally answered a casting call for a shoot that I put up on a social-networking-modeling-site that shall remain nameless… After our first shoot, I liked her energy in front of the camera, and she went into my “folks to work with again” file. 

This past week I started setting up a few personal projects/shoots to change gears for a while, and figured I’d drop her a line.  However, when I logged into said “social-networking-modeling-site” (that shall still remain nameless) I found her profile was gone.  No worries, I had her email, we set up shoot #2 and had a blast.   While she was in makeup, we where chatting and I asked her about the profile thing, thinking nothing of it.  She proceeded to regale me with absolute horror stories of the creeps who had been literally stalking her (not just through the site, but elsewhere as well) trying to get her into pornographic and pseudo-pornographic encounters (foot fetish shoots, stocking fetish shoots etc…) Until she had to close up every one of her social networking outlets.  

I know this is nothing new to anyone who’s worked with models for any amount of time, but that still doesn’t make it any better.   This kind of stuff is just wrong, and shouldn’t be happening at all. 

Look, bottom line is: Don’t be “that guy” and if you know any “photographers” who are “that guy”, give them a smack upside the head and straighten them out.  Our industry doesn’t need that kind of stigma, it just makes photographers as a whole look bad.  Always treat your models with respect and professionalism.  I know it goes without saying, but it just bears repeating. 

/end rant. 

P.S. I know none of *my* readers are “that guy”, just venting a bit. 

4 thoughts on “dont be that guy: a PSA”

  1. I had “that guy” drive my favorite model out of the business. I called her up last week to see if she wanted to do a bridal fashion shoot and she said she was all done. I ended up using my wife, who hates being in front of the camera and it shows.

    Anyway, rant away about this kind of thing.

  2. As someone who shoots a lot of nudes, I can guarantee you that you have a bunch of readers who are “that guy”. Creepy dudes on the internet: it’s more common than you think.

  3. This should absolutely not be tolerated, I wish there was a way to monitor this type of thing. I have decided not to post photographs of girlfriend/practice model, who is still a minor on my flickr for this reason. She dosn’t like posing for me when she finds out she has been favorited by grown men with all sorts of fetishes. They dont realize with a mouse click I can see everything they favorite. Its quite sad really when a grown man can not appreciated something without thinking of it sexually. I wish there was no “That Guys” Ill stop there. END RANT:

    Im Rob by the way. I found your blog after Eric Gaddy mentioned your name 😀

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