How many digicams do we really need?

Just read this over at 1001 noisy cameras.

Good lord, it’s getting kind of ridiculous.  I mean really, how many compact cameras do we need from each manufacturer.  it seems like every camera maker has 10-15 “different” compact digicams, which are pretty much functionally identical, and get refreshed with a new model every 6-9 months.  And don’t get me started on the arcane naming conventions.   Seriously, can anyone keep this straight?  What’s the point other than to confuse the consumer?  Maybe they should concentrate their dollars on making 2 or 3 really good models (1 budget, 1 high end ultracompact, 1 superzoom/and or bridge cam), rather than rehashing the same “check off the feature boxes” models over and over again… <sigh>

(That being said, the upcoming Fuji F200EXR looks very cool.  let’s see if it’s DR and ISO performance is as good as the hype…)

4 thoughts on “How many digicams do we really need?”

  1. Totally agree. While cameras like the DP1, LX3, GRD, G10, and, to some extent, some Samsung models, actually provide variety/uniqueness in compact models, most of these are just mild derivatives of other models. Add/remove a megapixel, add/remove x1 zoom, that’s eight cameras right there. Slightly different and totally redundant.

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