Olympus makes pancakes!

And here I was getting all excited about the DP-1, along comes olympus and drops this unexpected bomb:

The e-420, a brand new e410 form factor slr (tiny), with the e-3 sensor, *and a 25mm/2.8 PANCAKE prime!*

Very cool stuff, this is practically a pocketable SLR – smaller even than my k100d+40mm combo. Plus the 50mm equiv. offering is a great general purpose focal length.

This is very encouraging – along with the success of the canon G9, the DP-1 and now this seems to indicate that there really is a strong market for a compact form factor paired with high IQ and robust features. If Olympus makes a 17mm pancake to go with this (35mm equiv), it could almost tempt me to switch from Pentax! olye420top-down.jpg

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